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Introducing the SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder: Unleash the Champion Within! 

Discover the ULTIMATE Gaelic Football, Hurling, LGFA, and Camogie. SkillMaster® the complete GAA skills rebounder designed to take your game and skills to new heights. SkillMaster® is the tallest rebounder available worldwide, ensuring you'll maximise your practice time and it’s suitable for players of all levels. Excellent for Soccer, Tennis, Rugby 

Our top-of-the-line SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder is crafted with premium materials, guaranteeing unbeatable durability and all-weather resilience. Whether you're a grassroots player or a professional athlete, this rebounder is built to withstand the test of time and Mother Nature!

Sustainable Choice, SkillMaster® is a longterm product. Allowing for growth of the player for years to come. Sport needs to be accessible, that is why we designed SkillMaster® to endure and inspire from season to season. Players identify with consistency and routine and SkillMaster is ever-ready for the years ahead That is motivation to play for years.

Embrace your journey of game improvement with a rebounder that's trusted by individuals and clubs alike. From the local park to the professional arena, SkillMaster® is the partner you need to bring out the best player in you.

Invest in your passion, sharpen your skills, and unleash your full potential with the SkillMaster® GAA Rebounder. Because every champion deserves the ultimate training companion.

"SkillMaster®: Unleashing the Champion in You, One Bounce at a Time."

12 feet tall x 8 feet wide

This product comes with 
4 x Sandbags (empty)
6 x Steel pins for grass anchoring
4 x Clamps + bolts for Hard ground permanent anchoring

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Benefits of the skillmaster® Ball Rebounder

Improve Accuracy

SkillMaster® embraces enthusiasm for creative ball skills play in Gaelic football, Hurling, Soccer, Tennis and, Rugby.

  • SkillMaster® focuses on individual skills development increasing activity for the individual in multiple game disciplines.
  • SkillMaster® is one size all ball sport solution, at 12ft tall x 8ft wide. SkillMaster is the tallest freestanding ball rebounder available. 
  • SkillMaster® allows coaches to work closely with players on skills instruction and skills technique explanation.
  • SkillMaster® unique size provides optimal strike patterns that are performed in the majority of real games.
  • Players can play infinite scenarios of game skills (catching, control, striking the ball, body control, movement to the ball, recycling the ball, posture, etc, etc)
  • Our emphasis is on quality and everyday useability ensures the best performance rebound to keep players entertained for long periods of time.
  • Our coloured target net ensures a complete player solution to take aim with each shot for multiple disciplines in multiple sports, making SkillMaster instantly usable and player friendly.
  • 2 x Knotted Polypropylene nets 25mm squares. The top net 8ft x 8ft allows real-world multi-ball delivery and control responses for skills mastery. Bottom net 8x 4 ft delivering 2x times ball speed, for quick reactions in high-value ball controls employing lower body and upper body skills coordination, for multiple disciplines.

Built to Last

SkillMaster® is all-weather for hot summers and severe winters. (lay it down in strong winds when not in use). Vertical height gives a true real-world simulation of playing. Skills do not have to be modified or adjusted to accommodate SkillMaster®

  • SkillMaster® is a pro-level piece of equipment.
  • Grassroots to elite players.
  • Designed to provide the best value access to skills engagement.
  • Steel tubes. are galvanised 3mm thick 42mm diameter and finished in black powdered coated paint 
  • 90 bungees, ensure full net tension.
  • Both nets top and bottom are designed to give ultimate player engagement long-term.
  • Our commitment to player engagement and entertainment for increased participation is reflected in a product that will have a long-term life span in the home, school, and club. 
  • Play on any surface with our 3 different anchor options included in each SkillMaster® pack: #4 Sandbags, #6 Steel grass pins, #4 Concrete clamps + Raw bolts (for permanent fixing security)
  • 4 blue sandbags (sand not supplied)

General Skills

  • Catching: above head, chest, body, full over head extension, lower body catch. Kicking: Punt kick, Instep, Outside foot, Off Laces, ground kicks. Hand Pass. forward pass, across body pass, reverse pass. Game simulations:  Breaking ball, laying ball of, first touch, soloing and kick, various kick angles, first to ball, ball flight, anticipation, high catch, kick outs, catch and turn, etc, etc
  • Benefits: Scoring, passing, game enjoyment, work on weak areas, practice focus, Discovering dominant side strengths versus less dominant side. Incorporate technical skills into match-play simulations with SkillMaster®
  • Passing - Punch pass, Pop pass, Spin pass, End over End pass, Single hand offload. Looping distance pass.
  • Catching - high overhead field, high catch to the chest, high chest catches with turn, 1 v 1 fielding exercises. Restart fielding.
  • Kicking - chip, punt, spiral, grubber kick against the low net, Garryowen kicks over the net. Dropkick

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