SkillMaster® in Clubs & Schools: Nurture Skills Development.

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Experience the revolution in ball skills training with SkillMaster®. Whether you're a coach aiming to elevate your team's performance, a teacher seeking innovative methods to enrich PE classes, or an adult player looking to hone your skills, SkillMaster® is your ultimate solution.

  • Transformative Training: Our Ball-Wall and SkillsZone products turn any space into a dynamic skills development arena, perfect for all ages and skill levels.
  • Fun Skills Immersion: SkillMaster® offers a fun skills immersion experience for players of all generations, from grassroots to adult players, fostering a love for the game and enhancing skill development.
  • High-Intensity Capability: Designed for full-intensity training with GAA size 5 Gaelic footballs and sliothars, SkillMaster® is ideal for rigorous practice sessions.
  • Intricate Handling: Featuring two-speed nets, SkillMaster® offers unmatched responsiveness for intricate ball handling work, enhancing players' precision and control.
  • Inspiring Innovation: Seamlessly integrating into school and club environments, SkillMaster® enhances the overall experience and inspires a new generation of skilled, passionate players.
  • Unleash Potential: Join us on this journey to unlock your team's and players' full potential, making training both enjoyable and effective.

Elevate your club's or school's training programs with SkillMaster® and discover the joy of skill development for players of all ages.


Gaelic Football

  • Gaelic football | LGFA: | Passing: Hands, Feet. | Scoring: Hands Feet. | Catching| Ball control | Moving ball pick up.
  • Catching techniques: above head, chest, body, full over head extension, lower body catch.
  • Kicking techniques: Punt kick, Instep, Outside foot, Off Laces, ground kicks. Hand Pass. forward pass, across body pass, reverse pass.
  • Game simulations: Breaking ball, laying ball off, first touch, soloing and kick, various kick angles, first to ball, ball flight, anticipation, high catch, kick outs, catch and turn, etc.
  • Benefits: Improve scoring and passing, enhance game enjoyment, isolate and focus on weak areas, discover dominant side strengths versus less dominant side weakness, incorporate technical skills into match play simulations with SkillMaster®.


  • Rugby skills: Passing, Catching, Kicking, and Position-Specific training such as Lineout Throws, Lineout Catches, Jump Timing, Passing from Ruck, Conversion Kicking, and Penalty Process.
  • General skills: Passing techniques like Punch Pass, Pop Pass, Spin Pass, End Over End Pass, and Single Hand Offload. Catching skills such as High Overhead Field, High Catch to Chest, High Chest Catches with Turn, 1 v 1 Fielding Exercises, and Restart Fielding. Kicking techniques like Chip, Punt, Spiral, Grubber Kick Against Low Net, Garryowen Kick Over Net, and Drop Kick.
  • Position-specific training: Hooker - Lineout Throws using Target Holes, Varying Distances, and Varying Targets. Lineout Jumper - Catching from Lineout and Jump Timing. Scrum Half - Passing from Ruck and Maintaining Low Height through Pass. Kicker - Conversion/Penalty Kick Process.
  • Benefits: Enhance skill repetitions, develop reaction skills through multi-directional rebounding, stimulate learning with game-based activity, and provide a safe environment to develop both sides of the body.