Coloured Target Net

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SkillMaster® Target Net is a unique target screen that acts as a target selection for the player. Gauge that ball plays are accurate. Improves concentration and player focus in choosing shot selection.

It comes with straps for fitment to SkillMaster®.


Benefits of the skillmaster® Ball Rebounder

How does the SkillMaster Target Net Work? The SkillMaster Target Net works with players to create visual targets. The Target net is placed behind the main top net. The Target Net is not a rebound net. Stand in front of SkillMaster, look through the net and all coloured targets are visible. Pick a target and try to hit the target with the ball. The ball comes back just like someone kicked it back. Constant engagement for the player. Each time a player can see if they are consistent in their practice. Visual targets help our development in hand-to-eye coordination.

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